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About FashionEVO

FashionEVO is a lifestyle brand that focuses on fashion, beauty, culture, and luxury lifestyle. Being a fashion-centric platform aimed at redefining creativity in fashion, FashionEvo has successfully curated luxury fashion shows and events in Nigeria and London. It is also a platform that represents uniqueness, luxury, and innovation in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle domains. In all of these, FashionEvo makes the excellence of the whole to be as important as that of the parts.

Essentially, FashionEvo is positioned as a platform that amateur and established fashion creatives and lifestyle enthusiasts can leverage to push their brands to a wide range of audiences. As an important aspect of its spectrum, FashionEvo curates African fashion events to showcase Africa’s rich cultural heritage through bespoke fashion fabrics, and also to tell the story of the African people through indigenous styles and prints. As a platform that is not locked in a box, FashionEvo also curates fashion events that showcase the richness of other cultures, including Asian, American, and English cultures.

As a lifestyle platform, FashionEVO is not just about the fashion pieces that are showcased. It is here to create a positive change for those in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spaces who want to live an authentic life, as well as raise unequaled awareness about the fashion space, the abounding opportunities therein, and the immeasurable importance of fashion to contemporary society.

In addition, FashionEvo is a platform that is structurally interested in grooming talents and creating long-lasting impacts in society. In achieving this, the platform provides mentorship and training programs for budding talents in the fashion space. FashionEvo also considers it an integral part of its activities to empower members of society who are enthusiastic about the creative industry, especially the fashion industry.

The mission of FashionEvo is to organize, plan, and curate fashion and lifestyle content, including events, fashion shows, and digital content aimed at promoting indigenous and international lifestyle brands. Our vision is to be the foremost fashion and lifestyle platform for those who want to express themselves and their brands through style, luxury, and uniqueness without compromising originality and aesthetics. With our value systems and work ethics, we are certain that each and all of our goals will be achieved, and we cannot wait to see that happen!