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Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour: The Aftermath

For Beyoncé fans all over the world, this has been nothingn short of a eventful summer. In October 1, Beyoncé played final show of her edifying Renaissance World Tour, in Kansas City, Missouri, bringing it to a grand close. 

After 56 shows in 39 cities with over a 2.5 million in attendance, the Renaissance World Tour went ahead to become the sixth highest-grossing concert tour of all time and the highest-grossing tour ever by a female artist, surpassing Madonna’s Sweet and Sticky Tour of 2008-2009,  making a whopping $579 million in sales.  Nothing surprising of the Queen Bee herself.

The Renaissance World  Tour was a thrilling spectacle, with enthralling dance choreographies and wonderful stage visuals, Beyonce came with a mission to outdo herself and she did. A world tour-turned-cultural phenomenon.

It had fans around the world dappled in glittering costumes, symbolising Beyoncé own costumes, a testament to how much of an icon she is, and a testament of their dedication to her genius.

But that’s not all. In October 1, it was announced  a concert film, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé would be released, chronicling highlights from the full run of the tour and footage of the development of both tour and album, scheduled for release in December 1, in theatres worldwide. 

In what seems a final appearance before a long overdue rest, Beyoncé made a surprise visit to the film premier of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, keeping in line with the long tradition of both artistes showing up for each other. We look forward to having Queen Bee on our screens again.

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