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Designers debuting in the 2023 Lagos Fashion Week

Since its inception in 2011, the Lagos Fashion Week has gone on to become Africa’s largest fashion event, showcasing more than 60 Nigerian and African fashion designers to a huge global audience of more than 40,000 media consumers and retailers. A rocket launching platform for fashion designers and models to showcase their prowess. 

This year’s edition of the Lagos Fashion Week features top designer brands and regulars such as Mai Atafo, Andrea Iyama,  Orange Culture, Post Imperial etc. But it also features some new designers as well. Let’s take a look at the designers debuting at the Lagos Fashion Week this year.



Lilebare is a Kenyan brand committed to creating sustainable fashion by fusing old techniques and modern styles.

Using eco-friendly materials, the brand has created pieces ranging from pants and skirts, to kimonos, each with a pastel softness and warm colours, intended to exude effortless elegance.


Inspired by Africa’s rich art history, LOHIJE crafts pieces that showcase nature, African culture, and local traditional crafts. They incorporate pattern-dyed designs into their casual and day-to-day wear, created from a range of materials including Jute, Funtua cotton and Aso-Oke.


Aajiya is a contemporary womenswear and lifestyle brand changing the perception of African fashion. Incorporating Afro-futurism in their designs they aim to create for African fashion a newer, distinct look, using different types of fabric, textures and symbols such as cowrie shells. The ideal style for the multidimensional woman.

This Is Us

Established in 2016, This Is Us displays fashion dexterity by using indigenous materials to create timeless pieces. By using Funtua cotton, they are able to make designs that truly reflects the local artistry that has existed for ages, showing that locally made outfits can be of high-quality as well. Their love for locally sourced materials has also led them to create more than wearable pieces including bags, toys and upholstery. Their loose fitting indigo outfits exude confidence and a refined elegance.

Tolu Coker

The renowned British-Nigerian fashion and textile designer also graces the stage in this year’s Lagos Fashion  Week. Coker’s styles have a bold and dynamic look to them, further enhanced by a signature accompanying headwear. Using her design and fashion as an instrument for social change, Coker’s unisex pieces are political as well, where she uses it to speak for social injustice such as her Soro Soke: Diaspora ‘68 collection.  


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