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“FALLING INTO DREAM” – A Solo Exhibition by Promise O’nali curated by Ifedolapo Onikoyi

“Falling into Dream” explores the concept of consciousness through the use of rapt imagery and a fusion of techniques that transcend traditional painting processes.

Promise O’nali invites viewers to explore the realm of the subconscious and consider the ways in which our dreams and desires shape our reality. Through the body of work, O’nali exposes scientific themes and the mysteries of the universe. While combining these elements, the works evoke and uplift sentimental emotions.

Using mixed media and Uli linear technique combined with a color palette ranging from vibrant to hearty, O’nali immerses us into the rich imagery and symbolism of his paintings. The series takes us on self-discovery journey, inviting us to slowly drift into the unconscious world through the eyes of the dreamer and explore the depths of our own subconscious.

The exhibition draws inspiration from Ancient Egypt, where dreams were believed to be messages from the gods and a way to glimpse into the future.



“Falling into Dream” beckons us to submerge into an everlasting new realm of awareness, perceiving life from a different perspective, and broadening our vision and comprehension of the universe. 

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