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Lagos Fashion Week Woven Threads IV – A Recap of What Went Down

Lagos Fashion Week wrapped up its Woven Threads IV showcase, a three-day hybrid event that brought together physical and digital expressions of African design principles and their intrinsic circularity on April 23rd. The exhibition featured a range of designers who innovate through textiles and explore various avenues for creativity on the continent while emphasizing the importance of responsible practices in building their brands.

Woven Threads IV kicked off on Thursday, April 20th with a Fashion Business Series discussion on stopping waste colonialism. The Stop Waste Colonialism is a campaign by the OR Foundation, an agency standing against the predominant violent socio-economic system of corporate colonialism by working to change it from within.

Hosted by the British Deputy High Commissioner at his residence, the discussion was centered around the impact of waste colonialism on the environment and communities, the role of global capitalism in waste colonialism in fashion, and various approaches to waste colonialism resistance and solutions. Stakeholders including designers, non-profit organizations promoting circular economy, and members of the second-hand market community in Lagos participated in the discussion. 

On April 21st, Lagos Fashion Week held an exclusive preview of the Woven Threads IV exhibition at 32D Thompson Avenue Ikoyi.  Curated by Yegwa Ukpo and Phillip Fagbeyiro of Newtype, the exhibition showcased designers who innovate through textiles and explore various avenues for creativity on the continent, emphasizing the importance of responsible practices in building their brands.

The Exclusive Preview event was a great success, attracting fashion enthusiasts, industry stakeholders, and the media.

From 22nd April – 23rd April, Woven Threads IV officially opened its doors to the public and continued with physical installations, digital presentations, workshops showcasing weaving, and looming techniques which were hosted by Chibuzor Emodi of Craft and The Lady and Mitimeth.

The workshops provided attendees with hands-on experience in weaving and looming techniques, highlighting the importance of preserving traditional design practices and supporting artisans in the community.

One of the highlights of the Woven Threads IV exhibition was “The Timeless House” a visual chart created by the curatorial team to represent a place that manifests our dreams of a sustainable future for our species in relationship with our planet. 

The Timeless House shows the multiple ways fashion can continually stand the test of time through the ways of The Gatherer, The Designer, The Tailor, The Thrifter, The Trader, and The Maintainer.

To enter The Timeless House, each person must find a way, perspective, tool, or behavior that will enable you to adopt a more sustainable way of living. 

In addition, the fourth edition of SwapShop, was hosted by ZeeZee of DeClutter. The SwapShop encouraged attendees to bring their gently used clothing items and swap them for new pieces. This initiative aims to promote sustainable fashion practices and reduce waste by encouraging people to reuse and recycle clothing.

Lagos Fashion Week continues to be at the forefront of conversations that facilitate action from, showcasing the best of African design, to promoting responsible practices through the Woven Threads initiative. 

Woven Threads IV is an initiative of Style House Files and Lagos Fashion Week. 

For more information on Woven Threads x Lagos Fashion Week, visit their Instagram @lagosfashionweekofficial or visit lagosfashionweek.ng.

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