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Ugo Monye Introducing

Ugo Monye | Introducing The Konipari Collection

At such an exciting time as this, the Ugo Monye Clothing brand—a leading menswear fashion brand that has been in existence for over ten years now and counting, is proud to present unrivalled, luxurious men’s fashion styles in its latest collection called the Konipari Collection, a Yoruba phrase which means, “It is limitless“.

The Konipari Collection by Ugo Monye features classy eclectic and regal designs, including extravagant outfits, with each piece having the riveting characteristic of being transformed into two to three unique compositions, patterns, and styles, each telling different yet captivating stories, which prove that the collection is indeed limitless.


The awesomeness of this collection lies in the uniqueness of each and every piece, which effortlessly exudes a uniquely different and centred look and at the same time, blends easily with traditionally tailored designs which have their design roots in the extravagance of African styles in their rawest forms.

As you sit back to have a visual experience of the elegance of the Konipari Collection by Ugo Monye, rest assured that you will love every piece of it. Truly, the beauty and richness of the Konipari Collection is limitless!

Ugochukwu Monye—Creative Director of Ugo Monye Clothing

Visit www.ugomonye.com for more.

Instagram: @ugomonye.official

Facebook: Ugo Monye

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