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Desirée Iyama Blew Us Out with her Soothing Color Blends at Lagos Fashion Week 2022

Desirée Iyama wowed the crowds at the Lagos Fashion Week 2022 with her stunning colors and designs. Her collection, which featured an array of vibrant hues, was a refreshing departure from the monotone color schemes that have dominated the fashion industry in recent years.

Iyama’s collection showcased a range of styles, from flowy dresses to fitted jumpsuits, all of which were crafted from high-quality fabrics that spelled out the beauty of each garment.  One of the standout features of Iyama’s collection was her use of color. She expertly combined bold, vibrant hues such as blue, orange, and turquoise with softer, more muted tones like pastel pink and nude. The result was a harmonious blend of colors that evoked a sense of joy and optimism.

The models who walked the runway in Iyama’s designs were styled with simple, understated makeup and accessories, allowing the clothes to take center stage. The looks were completed with statement footwear, such as chunky sandals and platform heels, which added an edge to the otherwise feminine and flowy designs. Her designs were a welcome departure from the minimalist aesthetic that has dominated the fashion industry in recent years, and a reminder that fashion can be both functional and fun.

Desirée Iyama’s collection at Lagos Fashion Week 2022 was a testament to her talent and creativity as a designer. Her expert use of color and attention to detail have solidified her place as one of the rising stars in the Nigerian fashion industry. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future!


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