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Emmy Kasbit Recreates African Styles with a Western Feel at Lagos Fashion Week 2022


Emmy Kasbit brought a fresh and unique perspective to the Lagos Fashion Week 2022. With his collection, he blended traditional African styles with a western twist, creating a line that was modern and sophisticated.

Kasbit’s collection was inspired by his travels through Nigeria and other African countries. He used traditional African textiles, such as adire, aso-oke, and akwete, and combined them with modern fabrics like denim and leather. His use of color was also a standout feature, with bold hues of yellow, orange, and red contrasting against neutral tones of white and black.

One of the key pieces in Kasbit’s collection was a flowing maxi dress made from adire fabric. The dress was paired with a denim jacket, creating a fusion of African and western styles. Another standout piece was a bright yellow blazer paired with wide-legged pants made from aso-oke fabric.

Kasbit’s designs were not only visually stunning but also had a strong cultural significance. The use of traditional African textiles was a way of preserving and celebrating Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage. By blending these fabrics with western styles, Kasbit created a collection that was both modern and timeless.

In addition to his unique designs, Kasbit also stood out for his commitment to sustainability. He used organic cotton and recycled materials in his collection, demonstrating his dedication to creating fashion that is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

Overall, Kasbit’s collection at Lagos Fashion Week 2022 was a testament to his creativity, talent, and commitment to preserving and celebrating Nigeria’s cultural heritage. His unique blend of African and western styles is sure to inspire other designers and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

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