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FahionEVO With Zainab Aliyu, The Creative Director of AABOUX, a Leading Luxury Leather Brand in Nigeria

  • Can you tell us about the AABOUX brand? 

AABOUX is a stylish luxurious leather brand that hand-crafts limited edition statement pieces from the finest and most exquisite leathers using a stitchless technique. All our products are proudly handcrafted in Lagos, Nigeria, by third-generation skilled artisans, using fascinating combinations of globally and ethically sourced skins. Founded in 2017, our vision is to be a global brand of African origin at the forefront of the luxury leather market, by breaking stereotypes and excelling in our craft, customer service, and experience from start to finish.

AABOUX solves the problem of providing high-quality, stylish, and functional bags for individuals who value and appreciate fashion and luxury, especially those of African origin. AABOUX pieces allow women to unleash their inner rockstars, so they show up looking good and feeling confident and sophisticated. Our customizable options further allow them to express their personal style and individuality. 


  • What sets AABOUX apart from other leather brands in terms of creativity? 

AABOUX products offer a distinct and superior design with a stitchless composition and silhouettes, which are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Our luxurious and impeccably finished bags are more than just an accessory or everyday bags – offering fascinating textures, prints, and colors of exquisite leather. We offer very niche and limited-edition statement pieces, making them more desirable and special. Our creative, elegant, and innovative designs make each product feel like an art piece that is a collector’s item. In addition, we offer customization options so customers can design their one-of-a-kind pieces. We complement and complete a confidently stylish woman’s look!


  • Could you provide some examples of the leathers that your team uses in making leather products?

Our bags are bi-products of agriculture and are ethically sourced. We use a range of cowhides, sheep, and goat skin in various textures such as pony/hair-on, embossed, plain, and printed variations. We engage in sustainable production by offering a Made-To-Order service to reduce excess inventory and utilize leather remnants to produce footwear and small leather goods.

  • How does AABOUX incorporate elegance and style into its products?

Our timeless design and play on classic styles using stitchless composition and silhouettes provide the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. We make limited pieces that are classic, timeless, and chic. The uniqueness of the colors and textures of the leather makes our bags stand out. The durability and longevity of high-quality leather make it last a lifetime with proper care.


  • Could you explain any specific method you use while making leather products?

Our products are hand-crafted via a stitchless technique using rivets to construct and create amazing and collectible pieces. We make use of high-quality production techniques, ensuring great care, skill, and attention to detail. We source and use exquisite and durable leather selections which differentiate our bags from other brands. 


  • How does AABOUX ensure excellent customer service and a memorable experience for its clients, from the initial interaction to the final product delivery?

We value our customers and pride ourselves in providing excellent care and attention throughout our interactions to ensure they are highly satisfied and love their AABOUX piece. From our first point of contact, whether in-person or online, we ensure that we communicate warmly, effectively, promptly, and professionally. We are attentive and personalize our approach to cater to our customers’ needs and timelines. We ensure that our team is knowledgeable and can offer recommendations about leather options and suitability for different styles of bags. We also ensure a seamless order process (online via our social media pages and our website) and timely delivery. The customer is kept updated until they receive the goods and follow up post-delivery. Lastly, we offer post-sales support to address any questions or problems that they may have.

  • Can you share any future plans or upcoming projects that AABOUX has in the pipeline? Are there any new collections coming up?

We are working on a men’s line and expanding our product range, which we are super excited about. We also hope to expand our footprint to other African countries and Europe.

  • How does AABOUX envision its role in the Lagos Leather Fair (LLF)?

I have been part of the Lagos Leather Fair since the maiden edition in 2017, albeit in different capacities. The first edition was me attending as a curious visitor – I was super impressed and inspired by the industry, opportunities, speakers, and designers. This catapulted me to research, explore, and eventually start my own stylish luxurious leather brand and business – AABOUX. By 2019 I was thrilled to return as an exhibitor and showcase our collection. We have returned every year since then, and look forward to many more amazing editions in the future! Being part of LLF has given AABOUX an amazing platform to showcase to Nigerians, Africans, and the world at large.  We have also been able to plug into the leather ecosystem as a player, an advocate, and an ambassador of Nigerian and African products through LLF. LLF is now a major staple in our annual calendar. 


  • What impact does the brand hope to make through its participation in LLF?

AABOUX is thrilled to be a stakeholder in the LLF. We hope to remain active ambassadors of, and active leaders in, the world of leatherwork. We also want to be part of such a great ecosystem of support, as well as lead and advocate for conversations and hopefully policies that are relevant to our industry and business owners. We will continue to share our insights, experiences, and best practices, and be part of a collective that addresses challenges facing the leather industry in Africa.


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