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Affinity Gallery Presents A bold New Group Exhibition: ‘Things Left Unsaid’.

Affinity Gallery is pleased to present ‘Things Left Unsaid’, a bold new group exhibition featuring 20 works by Dianna Offor, Emmanuel Unaji, Joseph Aina and Stephen Langa, that opened on Sunday June 18th at the gallery’s space in Lagos.

“Things Left Unsaid” is an immersive exhibition that delves into the inherent human longing to be truly seen, understood, and acknowledged. It serves as a profound reflection on the consequences of our failure to engage in introspection and ask vital questions of ourselves and society. 

Within the exhibition’s realm, ignorance is stripped of its illusory comfort, exposing the weight of unresolved issues that linger. Central to the exhibition is a dynamic interplay between the artists and their works, with two artists embracing figurative art while the other two delve into the realm of abstraction. Each artist fearlessly confronts different facets of their internal worlds, allowing their personal narratives to intertwine with the broader tapestry of society. Through their diverse works, viewers are invited to embark on a transformative journey of observation, introspection, and departure, taking away a profound and meaningful experience.

Stephen Langa (b. 1995) is a South African Contemporary Artist who specializes in different mediums such as charcoal drawing, watercolor and oil paintings. He studied Art & Design at the Tshwane North College in Pretoria. Stephen Langa’s art captures the essence of introspection and outward observation, prompting reflection on our past and present. Through his paintings, he reveals the magic within the mundane lives of Africans, unfolding their stories through intricate details. He has also participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs such as the KunstRAI art fair in Amsterdam (2023), the Turbune art fair (2022), the Johannesburg Art Fair (2019) and the South African Print Art Fair (2019).

Emmanuel Unaji (b.1994) a British-born Nigerian multidisciplinary artist & co-founder of award winning design company, Unaji&Co. He studied fashion design and graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Kingston University (2021) in London where he resides. Bold and unconventional, Emmanuel’s unique style is to mechanically deconstruct icons to reverse engineer the unconscious bias applied to portraiture. Influenced by popular culture and masters such as Michalangelo and Virgil Abloh, Emmanuel contemplates the Western canon and questions his place within it.

His signature portraits combining collage, drawing and painting have gained widespread recognition in the creative industries and been featured in household institutions including Le Carreau du Temple Paris, The Royal Exchange, Tate Britain, Adidas Flagship Store, London Fashion Week and The Freemasons Hall. He has participated in several group exhibitions and fairs such as Letitia Wright x Flannels, Immersive Exhibition, W1Curates, London (2022), AKAA Paris 22, International Art & Design Fair, Africa First x Lys Contemporary Booth, and solo shows at Acid Gallery x Maisons de Mode, Roubaix, France (2021) and  Acid Gallery x Serié Noire, Lille Centre, France (2021).

Joseph Aina (b. 1996) is a Nigerian-British artist who lives in London but also works in Nigeria and Berlin. He received a degree in Law and Psychology from the University of Kent (2018) and later completed a Graduate Diploma at the Royal College of Art (RCA) where he graduated with an MA in Painting in 2022. Through his series titled “Poetic Fundamentals,” Aina seeks liberation from Western and European ideals, including his artistic process. Returning to simplicity, he believes we discover our true selves and purpose. He has taken part in group exhibitions such as Buffer, Guts Gallery, London (2022), Patterns of Identity, Prior Art Space, Barcelona (2022), The Life of Us, Prior Art Space, Berlin (2022), Pin Board, Changing Room, London (2022); and a solo exhibition, Looking For a Saviour, Prior Art Space, Berlin (2022).

Dianna-Maria Somtochukwu Offor-Ugoji (b.1999) is an abstract artist and expressionist painter. She studied fine arts at the University of Lagos graduating with a BA in Creative Arts (textile design) in 2021. She is known as ‘God’s Artist’ because of the Christian abstract imagery depicted in her paintings and her strong belief in God. Her style of art is considered “Biblical” as it reflects on messages from the bible and christianity. She has taken part in group exhibitions including Femme Fatale at Lagoon Gallery (2018), Purple Place, Olori Gallery (2022) and Grow up, the Art Hotel (2022).

For interviews, images, and comment, please contact: Moni Aisida, manager@galleryaffinity.com

Exhibition Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am – 6 pm Sundays are by appointment only. Affinity Unit 2, 1-7 Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. http://www.galleryaffinity.com



Affinity Art Gallery is a modern and contemporary gallery dedicated to the promotion and celebration of African artists who are passionately sharing the African narrative with their works. The gallery functions as a beacon to educate and preserve Africa’s rich and diverse culture in a bid to inspire the next generation of young Africans.

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