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Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s Debut Limited-Edition Solo Show at David Zwirner Gallery, NYC

David Zwirner is thrilled to introduce Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s inaugural limited-edition solo exhibition in New York City, entitled “Coming Back to See Through Again.” Central to this exhibition is a captivating 43-color screenprint meticulously crafted on Rives BFK paper. It marks a significant milestone in Akunyili Crosby’s artistic journey, as she ventures into the realm of printmaking, a creative avenue she had contemplated for some time.

Derived from her 2013 painting titled “The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born,” this print is part of a series inspired by Ayi Kwei Armah’s 1968 debut novel. Armah’s narrative, focusing on a working-class man in post-colonial Ghana, serves as the thematic foundation for eleven of Akunyili Crosby’s exquisite paintings. These artworks delve into the tapestry of post-colonial African life, portraying young figures within intricate interiors adorned with cultural symbols and everyday objects.

In “The Beautiful Ones May Have Arrived,” viewers are transported into a meticulously crafted scene, where a woman sits on a rug beside a low table embellished with a kerosene lantern, bowls, and plates. This screenprint faithfully preserves the artist’s distinctive style, characterized by detailed frontal portraits, intricate attire, and richly adorned settings. What distinguishes this piece is Akunyili Crosby’s subtle transition from painting to printmaking, underscoring her willingness to explore new creative avenues.

This limited edition not only captures the essence of the original painting but also elevates it through the intricate process of screenprinting. Akunyili Crosby painstakingly replicates each color and minute detail, showcasing her unwavering dedication to her craft. This edition stands as a testament to her ability to seamlessly blend continuity with innovation, embracing new techniques and mediums while preserving the thematic richness of her earlier works.

As art enthusiasts engage with “Coming Back to See Through Again,” they embark on a journey through the nuanced layers of post-colonial African life. They immerse themselves in the intricacies encapsulated in every brushstroke and hue. This exhibition, a significant milestone in Akunyili Crosby’s artistic odyssey, provides viewers with a unique opportunity to witness the harmonious fusion of tradition and experimentation.

The exhibition is open until October 28th and will also feature a musical performance by Gerald Eze. We invite you to explore this extraordinary collection of prints at the David Zwirner Gallery today. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this remarkable artistic experience.

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