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The Lagos Continental Hotel Relaunches Soho Restaurant


It was an evening of an elegant show, accompanied by a unique feeling of luxury, as guests arrived at the five-star Lagos Continental for the relaunching of the renowned Soho Restaurant. Soho Restaurant is the signature Chinese restaurant of Lagos Continental, which is known for authentic Asian flavors and ingredients, as well as a space that is aesthetically adorned with interior designs inspired by traditional Chinese heritage, blending beautifully with contemporary designs. The Lagos Continental deemed it necessary to relaunch the Hakkasan style (World Class Chinese Dining) restaurant in a grand manner while looking to serve its clientele better, as well as offer more exceptional Chinese cuisine and experiences spiced up with elegance and quality service to include the provision of the freshest, healthiest, and most consistent Chinese cuisine in Lagos.



The event started with the arrival of guests in the restaurant’s lobby as they were welcomed with glasses of tasty wines, cocktails, tasty bites, and other goodies. Simultaneously, guests engaged in chatty conversions with one another, as they talked about the beauty of Chinese cuisine while waiting to be ushered into the beautifully adorned Soho Restaurant.



Karl Hala—the General Manager of Lagos Continental, gave a warm welcome to the guests, expressing his heartfelt delight about the guests honoring the invitation. He went ahead to introduce Master Chef Chua, who has served clients around the world and is now at Soho Restaurant to relish the beauty and charm of Chinese cuisine and kitchen culture. In. his words, he expressed, “Thank you all for coming! We thought, “What is a Sunday without having a bit of Asian fusion for the relaunch of our Soho Restaurant and the reintroduction of our Master Chef Chua?” It is going to be a great showtime this evening. Please relax, enjoy, and network as you experience the finest and purest form of Chinese dining right from our Soho Restaurant. Welcome, once again, to the grand relaunch of Soho Restaurant. We are ready to give you an unforgettable dining experience beginning today!”



The evening continued with guests being relished with a three-course Chinese meal, including Chinese giant prawns, varied flavors of Sichuan and Canton, and succulent meats, among others, right from Chef Chua’s kitchen. Guests had an incredible time experiencing the finest Chinese dining in an unusual way while appreciating the elegance of the Soho Restaurant, as well as Chef Chua’s kitchen expertise. Now that the Soho Restaurant at The Lagos Continental is relaunched, the public is encouraged to come enjoy memorable Chinese dining experiences that will always exceed expectations, leaving you satisfied, in an all-time luxurious ambience.



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