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The Lagos Fashion Week 2023

The 13th edition of the Heineken Lagos Fashion Week was a phenomenal event, drawing creatives, fashion enthusiasts, fashion houses, and many other prominent individuals from all over Africa. The attendees came in resplendent attire, showing off style and creativity.

The show began on the 25th with an off-site exhibition by Mai Atafo, before the runway show commenced on the 26th. Rendoll opened the runway, displaying a collection of intricately blue patterned outfits and shimmering dresses. Up next was IMC parading a range of elegant hand-made crochet dresses, exuding sensuality with every walk, paired with music from Dwin The Stoic.

Jewel Jamila one-upped the stage with their collection of dresses and jumpsuits incorporating flowery baubles, followed by Pepper Row in their ornately designed agbadas and two-piece suits.

Oshobor displayed a range of frill-adorned pieces, and accompanying red hats, stylishly showcasing Benin’s rich cultural heritage.

Abigail Ajobi paraded signature pieces, a combination of bold dyed pieces and crochet getup. 

Cute Saint begins the show on the second runway day displaying futuristic black-and-white pieces, and accompanied by sombre music. GËTO came in style, showcasing casual and streetwear pieces, with Ankara-designed, flared, and loose pants. 

Elexiay featured dainty, elegant dresses in intricate finishes, giving off a devastatingly sexy look. Ajabeng followed closely in their loose-fitting, casual two-pieces, in pastel browns and soft hues. 

Kente Gentlemen exhibited a line of formal office wear inspired by Kente pieces and suits, paired with exuberant music to drive in the bold traditional-formal look.

Kikoromeo featured dyed-patterned slacks and loose, lightweight coats, simple and elegant. Ugo Monye exhibited a well-deserved standing ovation, with his pieces reflecting grand royalty and opulence.

The fashion show wasn’t only limited to physical exhibition as there was a virtual display in the Metaverse, with the best display winning a one million naira prize sponsored by MTN.

Lagos Fashion Week shows how fashion has transcended just runway looks, but is a brilliant display of art in the way various elements like music and visuals are combined to add essence to the body of a work being displayed.

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