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UNFETTERED ~ An Artistic Exploration in Houston, Texas by Mitochondria Gallery

A one-of-a-kind group exhibition entitled “UNFETTERED” is set to grace the city of Houston, Texas, starting from September 23rd, 2023. Hosted at the Mitochondria Gallery, this remarkable showcase brings together seven gifted visual artists from Africa and the Diaspora. These artists harness the power of abstraction and surrealism within their paintings to dissect and construct forms that mirror their personal and collective experiences.

The exhibition presents works by a diverse array of talents, including Ferguson Amo (Brooklyn, New York), Askia Bilal (Colombia, Missouri), Kwaku Owusu Achim (Accra, Ghana), and Qhamanande Maswana (Johannesburg, South Africa), marking their debut in Houston. Additionally, returning artists like Daniel Pengrapher (Belgrade, Serbia), Chijioke Anyacho (Lagos, Nigeria), and Adeniyi Damilola (Lagos, Nigeria) are back to enchant audiences with their artistry.


Chijioke Anyacho, 2023, Boys will be boys. Oil on Canvas. 123 x 123cm.
Image courtesy of Mitochondria Gallery


Within the confines of this exhibition, these artists embark on a journey of exploration, delving into themes of identity, vulnerability, folklore, and various sociocultural perspectives. Their approach to deconstruction serves as a tribute to the dynamic nature of their artistic process and storytelling.

Ferguson Amo (Brooklyn, New York) and Askia Bilal (Colombia, Missouri) unveil expressive portraits that probe the essence of identity, employing varying degrees of minimalism, abstraction, and texture to convey the very essence of their subjects.


Kwaku Osei Owusu Achim, 2023, Pine Cone. Oil on Canvas. 150 x 150cm
Image courtesy of Mitochondria Gallery


Kwaku Owusu Achim (Accra, Ghana) and Adeniyi Damilola (Lagos, Nigeria) embrace surrealism, focusing predominantly on their subjects’ heads to craft scenes that vividly depict folklore, traditions, and contemporary events in their respective West African regions from an ultra-contemporary standpoint.

Daniel Pengrapher (Belgrade, Serbia) and Chijioke Anyacho (Lagos Nigeria) seamlessly blend expressive figuration with elements of abstraction to articulate their unique perspectives on euphoria, nostalgia, and the complexities of sociocultural dynamics.


Ferguson Amo, 2023, Where the sky meets the sea, Algarve. Oil on Canvas. 140 x 140cm.
Image courtesy of Mitochondria Gallery


Qhamanande Maswana introduces a fresh series of paintings that delve into the sentimental and perceived worth of essential and nonessential objects found within living spaces.

The exhibition “UNFETTERED” will be open for viewing from September 23rd to October 14th, 2023.

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