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Barbie Premiere Lights Up Lagos!

Last night, Filmhouse IMAX Cinema saw Lagos explode in a dazzling pink spectacle, as Barbie’s Nigerian premiere took center stage.

A purple carpet fit for royalty unrolled, and behold, the style stars emerged – Barbies and Kens, decked in their pinkest, sparkliest, and most surreal attire. Barbie Glam Galore was the official theme, but with the Nigerian spirit, attendees spun their own unique fashion magic, making the night a true extravaganza of creativity and individuality.

Idia Aisien stole the show in a larger-than-life pink ball gown, radiating elegance and grandeur that left everyone breathless. Meanwhile, Akin Faminu effortlessly rocked an all-pink suit, showcasing his impeccable style and flair. Guinness World Record chef, Hilda Baci, was not out to play either!


Have a look:











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