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Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo kicks off the spring/summer 2024 collection season

Kanako Sakai SS24, Rakuten FWT. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Commencing on August 28 and lasting through September 2, 2023, Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo is establishing its intention to take the lead in the global sales campaigns by positioning itself ahead of the curve. This strategic choice is vividly encapsulated in the overarching theme for the upcoming spring/summer 2024 season: “Open, Fashion Week”.

The forthcoming week will witness an array of captivating presentations within Halls A and B of Tokyo’s Shibuya Hikarie complex, showcasing eminent labels such as Kanako Sakai, Tweo, Queen & Jack, Bench, Seivson, and Cinoh. Conversely, several labels including Rokubuen, Dressed Undressed, Mintdesigns, and Maison Alternative, will opt for online showcases, embracing the digital realm.

Kanako Sakai SS24, Rakuten FWT. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Highlighting the international flair, a special runway exhibition will be dedicated to Philippine fashion labels in the form of “PH Mode X TYO” presented by the Manila Fashion Festival. A pivotal moment awaits on Saturday, September 2, as the winners of the Tokyo Fashion Awards 2024 will be unveiled in a ceremonious event.

As Tokyo’s Rakuten Fashion Week concludes, the spotlight seamlessly shifts to Seoul Fashion Week scheduled from September 5 to 9. This timeframe will intriguingly overlap with New York Fashion Week, gracing the dates of September 8 to 13.

Presentation of spring summer 2024 collections Credits: Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Further down the fashion calendar, September 13 signals the inauguration of Madrid Fashion Week, spanning until September 17. Subsequently, London Fashion Week will grace the scene from September 15 to 19, paving the way for the most highly anticipated occurrences: Milan Fashion Week from September 19 to 25, followed by Paris Fashion Week spanning September 25 to October 3.

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