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Parallel Passages: Typologies

Kokopelli Gallery presents the exhibition Parallel Passages: Typologies, an exhibition that opens us to a world of surrealism and storytelling. Exploring the theme of typology, seven contemporary Nigerian artists take us on a journey of enlightenment using different media to showcase their distinct perspectives on symbolism and patterns, and let us unravel elements of it to our interpretation. 

Featured here are some of the pieces to be exhibited:



The exhibition will run from November 25th to December 30th, 2023, at the Kokopelli Gallery at 17, Ademola Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, and is poised to be an emotive, thought-provoking experience, pulling art collectors, enthusiasts, artists, and many others from all over. 

Artists featured in this exhibition include: 

  • Victoria Makinde
  • Ronke Komos
  • Okedoyin Luli
  • Imomoh Asemokah
  • Ayela-Uwangue Nosawema
  • Eghosa Raymond
  • Babatunde Affiko



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